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Want to make your day so much better? Then you have come to the right place — So Much Butter is here to satisfy your sweet tooth! We are a home-made specialty pastry store, offering banana bread, dark chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, and crinkles among others. With just a rightful amount of butter and other meticulously chosen ingredients and we guarantee to make your day even better. Give us a try, and what more can we say — baking your day — So Much Butter.

Banana Bread - Indulge yourself with this rich in Potassium dessert perfect to satisfy and fill your mouths during merienda and even your midnight snack hunting — moist and includes a rightful sweetness to keep you wanting more and not feel too much sugar dosage with every bite! Available in different variants with chocolate chips, pecans and walnuts Approximately at 550g per order. Grab your loaves now!

Chocolate Chip Cookies - Combine the right mix of sweetness and a gooey consistency that melts in your mouth — and you’ll get these lovely palm-size dark chocolate cookies as a final result. Yum! Approximately 60g per piece.

Oatmeal cookies — Hesitant buying sweet confections due to health restrictions? Worry no more because we offer a lower calorie count oatmeal cookie – a healthier option indeed! These cookies combine crispness and softness at the same time! Crispy on the outside, prepare for the softness that reveals itself with each bite! What’s not to like — healthy and scrumptious in one sitting! Order now. Approximately 60g per piece.

Chocolate Crinkles — Immerse yourself in the chocolatey and gooey perfection of our own secret recipe of this black and white beauty — get your bite size crinkles to-go now! Approximately 30 grams per piece.